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Payman j in Carlsbad, CA

"I had cataract surgery with Dr abbassi. He is very trustworthy and caring. He has great bedside manner and is very skilled at surgery. I am very happy with my new vision and thank it all to my favorite doctor, Dr abbassi."

Thomas A in long beach, ca

"Dr. Abbassi is very caring, professional, and skilled surgeon. I had a very large cataract and it was affecting my life. No other surgeon would do surgery on me because I cannot have any anesthesia. Dr. Abbassi was the only surgeon I found that put the time and care aside to help me. He removed my cataract and now I see great and he did it all without any anesthesia. He is the greatest surgeon in my eyes and very thankful to him and his staff."

Veronica in Long Beach, CA

"Dr. Abbassi is the top cataract surgeon in my opinion. He is very skilled and has great bedside manners. I have recommended all my family and friends to see Dr. Abbassi for their cataract surgery as well. The office staff was also great and caring."

Martha S. in Long beach, CA

"I have a rare eye condition that many other eye doctors could not diagnose. I almost gave up and just let it continue to torcher my life. My PCP referred me to DR. Abbassi and I was expecting another I dont know. However, he took time to listen to my symptoms, which no other doctor took the time to do, he thoroughly examined my eyes and found out what was wrong. He referred me to a specialist which is treating me now but if it wasn't for Dr. Abbassi I still would be suffering."

Huntington beach, CA

"Great experience. Great care. Highly recommend Dr. Abbassi."

Carl S. in Newport Beach, CA

"Dr. Abbassi is one of the best doctors I have ever had. My optometrist referred me to Dr. Abbassi for cataract surgery and it is the best thing she has done. Dr. Abbassi listened to my complaints, identified what is important for me, and gave me the different options to meet my goals. After I had my surgery with Dr. Abbassi I was discharged back to my optometrist who praised the exceptional work Dr. Abbassi had done. Thank you Dr. Abbassi for all you have done for me."

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